Questions from those new to the music business

What societies do I need to join as a new musician?

You should consider joining PRS for Music as a writer member if you are a creator of an original song or piece of music or lyrics. PRS for Music  will collect royalties on your behalf if your music is being broadcast on television, radio, online, being performed live in concert, or played in public. Membership costs £50.

If your music has been commercially released by a record company, recorded into a radio or TV programme, recorded in an audio-visual or multimedia production, or used online then you should also consider applying for MCPS writer membership. Again, membership costs £50.

Finally, if you have performed on or own any rights to recorded music then you should consider joining PPL. Once you’ve joined PPL as a recording rightholder member, you can start earning royalties when your recorded music has been played in public or broadcast on the TV or radio, providing you have registered your recordings with PPL. Membership of PPL is free.

Although the monies you receive for playing at gigs can be limited at first, it is always a good idea to get into the habit of collecting whatever monies are available.

We’d always recommend that you use PRS for Music’s ‘Gigs Clubs and Small Venues’ scheme to ensure you are paid for performances of your songs at small venues. The typical payout is £6 per gig, and reporting can be done online at the PRS for Music website.